It’s finally time to share

As a new blogger, I’m having a little trouble with the whole analysis paralyis thing.

Which website will work better for me, what template should I use, generally “how the hell does this thing work!”.

Then there are the hangups closely related to being a pilates instructor; striving for perfection, I haven’t got time and of course the big one… do I know what I’m talking about before I make this public?

But I’m determined to make a go of this because I truly believe that there is a place for the Spirited Pilates Blog. I really believe that Pilates Instructors do need an online community and that I can facilitate that with some light hearted discussion about the things that interest us. So over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting stuff from my time away in New York. I do realise that it would have been much more fun if I had done this at the time- but I have my excuses listed above. Better late than never!

A Little Bit About Me

I started pilates in November 2000. I was 19 and had given up my regular dance classes at my suburban dance studio, embraced partying with my friends and chilli cheese fries and had gotten a little chubby- I didn’t know how this had happened (although glaringly obvious now!) but I knew it wasn’t quite right for me and that I needed to get moving. In my quest to figure myself out, I started pilates. I had only heard about pilates while reading dance magazines and online but I loved it as soon as I got started.

I thought my instructors were amazing. Their knowledge of the human body astounded me and I trusted them implicitly. I looked up to one of my instructors Robyn in particular. She had a bird like quality about her- delicate looking but strong. She seemed so wise and when she stopped teaching at the studio I was devastated! Thankfully, I soon realised that all of the instructors had something different yet equally valuable to offer (something I wish all clients would discover).

After dropping out of my university course and knowing that my job at a mortgage company was not where I wanted my future to lie, I decided to enrol into my pilates studio’s in house instructors programme. The idea was that this would be a time filler (for some reason, I didn’t think I would be able to have a career as a pilates instructor at that time) until the naturopathy course I was interested in would commence the following year.

I find this scenario completely laughable in hindsight as the prospect of me doing anything other than teach pilates for a living seems ridiculous- I LOVED pilates! I was that annoying person correcting my colleagues seated posture and suggesting that continuously gripping their butt was a bad idea. Completely uninvited commentary from someone who was still just a client! Continue reading